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 A new case can be opened by calling this toll-free number: 800-482-7700

Eligible participants in the Plan will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford and General Motors and their surviving spouses.

The Plan will offer an "office work" benefit.  Examples are: Wills and Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Purchase or sale of residential real property, among other services.

A full list of services is on the attached flyer.

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Pursuant to paragraphs 202{b) and 202(c) of the GM-UAW National Agreement you are notified as follows: RWD the weeks of August 6, 2017 (3rd Shift Sunday) and August 27, 2017 (3rd Shift Sunday), respectively, are designated as Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks. GF6 the weeks of July 23, 2017 (3rd Shift Sunday) and August 27, 2017 (3rd Shift Sunday), respectively, are designated as Plant Vacation Shutdown Weeks. Read more >>>

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017 POWERLine Read more >>>

March on Mississippi in support of Nissan workers. Local 14 is organizing a bus trip to Canton, MS. Those interested in making this trip need to contact the Union Hall as soon as possible. 419-473-2854 Read more >>>

Local 14 celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Sit-Down Strike in Flint, MI and donated $2,700 to the locked out Honeywell employess of Local 9. Read more >>>

Celebrate White Shirt Day February 11!

February 11 is White Shirt Day. Show solidarity for all workers by wearing a white shirt.

February is Black History Month, and we’re taking a look back on the contributions of African-American leaders within the UAW like Ruben Burks.

Ruben Burks’ long history of unionism and advocacy for social justice started in 1955 when he began working as an assembler at the former General Motors Fisher Body Plant 2 in Flint where he joined UAW Local 598...

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GM Employees and Retirees are eligible to purchase select tickets at a discount to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Please keep in mind that the Walt Disney World Company administers this program and prices are subject to change without notice. Further, all multi-day passes expire 14 days from first date of usage. Tickets to Disneyland California are also available. If you want to vist Disney in California call 419-902-6656 for info. Read more >>>

 The University of Michigan-Dearborn Center for Labor and Community Studies are celebrating 30 years of building our communities by inviting all workers, union or non-union members, and leaders from a variety of organizations to learn together at the 2017 Black Men In Unions Institute. Read more >>>

If Portman and Trump had it their way, 30,000 auto-industry jobs might have never returned.

Innovation Ohio has just released a new report on the success of the auto rescue.  Its findings demonstrate that while it was characterized as a “lousy deal for Ohio” by Rob Portman at the time of its implementation, the auto bailout has in fact been a resounding success. Indeed, the auto industry is now thriving and is as integral to Ohio’s economic success as ever. 


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Chairman's Report for March 1, 2016 Read more >>>

Watch the latest in the series of UAW Region 2-B messages from Director Ken Lortz.    Read more >>>

 Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation (pushed by corporate CEO's and their allies) that will gut unemployment compensation benefits.  Please call your representative today and tell them to oppose this harmful bill - and spread the word!  Read more >>>

 VoteSpotter is a mobile app that connects you to your representatives.  Get alerts when they vote, then tell them what you think.  It's never been easier to make your voice heard.

Download the VoteSpotter app to your smartphone.  Available at the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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A calendar is now available with the dates and times of the Local 14 UAW union meetings. Read more >>>

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