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Direction from International Union UAW President Rory Gamble.  All local union meetings and events continue to be suspended until June 30, 2021, due to Coronavirus concerns.

Until Furter Notice - The Union Hall will be open, but restricting entry to the offices.  Benefits Reps will not be meeting retirees face to face until further notice.  To speak to a benefits re

Now an International event, Earth Day has been celebrated since April 22, 1970 and its origins are here in the United States.

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Union members in the public sector are once again under attack and need our support. The Snyder-appointed Civil Service Commission is using the cover of a global pandemic to engage in underhanded union busting targeted at State of Michigan workers. This is not only an attack on dedicated state employees, but also their ability to provide quality public services to the people of Michigan. At a time when state workers have been on the frontlines of protecting the people of Michigan from the coronavirus, these anti-worker commissioners are trying to undermine the right of state employees to collectively bargain. Stand with our brothers and sisters and tell the Civil Service Commission to end these anti-union attacks.

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Detroit — I watched in horror last week and this weekend, along with the rest of our nation, as the headlines rolled in once again with reports of bloodshed, terror, tragedy and senseless loss of lives. America woke up Friday morning to the news of a mass shooting in Indianapolis, Indiana that took the lives of eight innocent people and injured several others. By the end of this weekend, at least nine more people had been killed in shootings across the country — in Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska and Louisiana.

More lives lost to gun violence.

Sat & Sun August 21 & 22, 2021 to Angel's Crossing and Medalist near Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek MI

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Local 14 has a small number of tickets availble for Opening week and later in May.  First Come First Served. See Flyer for dates and details!

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