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“We are disheartened by the misconduct alleged in today’s indictment. Ms. King is no longer with the union and hasn’t been since February 2016.

The rally call of “Buy American” isn’t new, but the proposition looks very different in 2017 than it did

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Saturday, August 26, 2017, Tyler Cernik thought it would be a great day of riding the dunes.  However, fate was not in his favor. 

He fractured his C5 vertebrae, damaged his spinal cord, and fractured his jaw. He could not feel his legs or anything else from his solar plexus down. After a 3-hour surgery, he was told he would likely never walk again.

Tyler is the son of Dave Cernik a 33 year member working 1st shift in Output Carriers RWD.  With no insurance of his own, Tyler’s family is left with the responsibility of paying his medical bills.

Tyler's passion is living life to the fullest. He takes care of those around him so they can take advantage of all that life has to offer alongside him. He's honest, forthright, and compassionate. He's always been there for his family and friends. It's time now for us to be there for him. He's a welder, fabricator, and mechanic. Currently, his dexterity is non-existent. He needs to be able to work with his hands. 

He will most likely need another surgery, he will need rehabilitation, and he may attempt stem cell therapy. This fundraiser will help get Tyler started on the road to recovery.

We are collecting money to help Dave Cernik pay these medical bills.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.



Donations can be given to the following:

Tracie Chovan 8-Speed Mainline RWD 1st Shift

Sherrie Littin Output Carriers RWD 1st Shift

Jackie Hoskins Output Unit RWD 1st Shift

Or donate directly to Tyler's GoFundMe account

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Attention Parents of High School Senior's Class of 2018 

Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Applications now available at Local 14 UAW Dues Office or download an application from the link below.  The Applications must be certified by the Local Union President, Vice President, Recording Secretary or Financial Secretary-Treasurer or Unit Chairperson.

Deadline is October 15, 2017 - The application MUST be US MAIL Postmark no later than October 15, 2017 - No exceptions

For all rules and eligibility follow the link below:

We have found Local 14 records need to be updated, this is an important step in moving this union into the future.  **Due to privacy laws we cannot obtain this information from GM Powertrain. 



Mayor City of Toledo 

Paula Hicks Hudson

Toledo City Council at Large 

Dr. Cecelia Adams, Larry Sykes, Gary Johnson, Harvey Savage Jr., Nick Komives, Sam Melden

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