The Union Label Committee informs and educates members about the products and services we buy and use as consumers. This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting goods and services produced by union members under union-won working conditions. And, keeps members informed of union products and their availability in the community. This committee also updates members on product manufacturing that has been moved out of the United States and product boycotts endorsed by the AFL-CIO.


The Union Label Committee is hard at work selling Union Made, American Made, Union Printed T-Shirts!  These T-Shirts help to remind members to Look for the Union Label on all consumer products and services.  

NEW!  The Christmas Mix & Mingle!!  The UAW Local 14 Union Label Committee is partnering with ALL LOCAL 14 COMMITTEES this year to raise funds for the UAW LOCAL14 LAID OFF WORKERS FUND.  We are all selling Mix & Mingle Tickets for $10 each and BASKET RAFFLE TICKETS FOR $5 each.  See the flyers for details!  

We are also looking forward to next year's Market Day in April.  If you would like to volunteer for this committee, please fill out the Volunteer Form found on this page.  Also check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/local14unionlabel/

Buying a car or truck that is Union Made by UAW Members is very important and the UAW has provided useful information about how you can be sure your vehicle choice is a Union choice.  "How to read your VIN" is a great way to see where your vehicle was made!  Check it our here...https://uaw.org/standing-committees/union-label/how-to-read-your-vin/

Want to find Union Made Products?? You can Text to find Union Products!  Check out this! https://uaw.org/standing-committees/union-label/sites-search-union-made-products/