Vibrant local unions and progressive social movements don’t just happen; they are planned for and worked on by people like you - members who care about the future and status of our union, members who care about what kind of future we want for all working families. One way to make a difference in all aspects of our union movement is through standing committees.

Local 14 UAW is an Amalgamated local therefore some committees are "Local" and some are "Unit" committees.  This means that anyone in any unit can be on a "Local" committee and only members of the particular unit can be members of the "Unit" committee.  

Local 14 Committees are: CAP, Civil & Human Rights, Recreation, Education, Women's, Veterans, Union Label

Powertrain Unit Committees are: CAP, Chaplaincy, Civil & Human Rights, Community Service, Education, Recreation, Women's.

A booklet describing the standing committees is also available. 

An effective committee uses the diversity of its local membership to bring together ideas, opinions and information needed to support common labor organizations that include: 

Encouraging Membership to take part in activities in the union.

Working with other standing committees.