GM Toledo Propulsion Systems UNIT WOMEN'S COMMITTEE

GM Toledo Propulsion Systems Unit Women’s Committee

Janine Calhoun, President

Established by the UAW in the early 1940’s, the committee was formed to incorporate the burgeoning female work force into the union. The Women’s Bureau was charged with recommending programs to protect women workers’ job rights and eliminate sexual discrimination. In 1955 the bureau became the UAW Women’s Department. The major focus at that time was to educate the UAW membership about women’s issues and concerns. In 1975 the Women’s Dept. started sponsoring annual, one-week International Women’s Conferences to develop leadership skills, union awareness, and political action among the members chosen by their Regional Director. Starting in December 1998, the current 402 Women’s Committee has continued the mission started by their predecessors. They serve the local community by raising money to help local food banks, Christmas charities, and shelters.

The first Sunday in August is National Sisters Day, and your opportunity to show your appreciation for that unique bond only sisters can understand. What better way to celebrate than joining with your fellow union sisters in the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW).

On March 24, 1974, over 3,000 determined labor union women and supportive feminists from across the United States convened in Chicago to create the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW). The UAW was a founding supporter of CLUW, which elected then-UAW Vice President Olga Madar as its first president.

CLUW’s first convention established four goals that would guide its work to improve and empower working women which are to promote workplace affirmative action, strengthen the role of women in unions, organize women in the workplace, & increase women’s roles and influence in political and legislative processes.